As the balance between linear and non-linear viewership continues to evolve, TV buy stewardship is more important than ever. Many TV deals give networks the ability to deliver a portion of the buy via their non-linear channels. With non-linear viewership growing, networks will continue to increase delivery through these formats. But is this what the advertiser agreed to? Is this what the advertiser wants? If the deal terms are not clear and the buy isn’t stewarded properly, it’s what they may likely get.

Having your TV buys closely monitored and analyzed is essential as viewership trends continue to shift. Does your deal include a cap on delivery allowed through non-linear channels? Do you know how much of your delivery is coming via linear vs. non-linear? Post-campaign reporting often neglects this level of detail. Having a media auditor as a partner gives advertisers a greater level of accountability, including things like independent verification of how networks are adhering to deal with terms for linear vs. non-linear delivery.

– Jeff Herrera, VP National Media at ami+p