Are the recent agency layoffs having you re-think your in-house strategy? There are benefits for either, depending on your business structure.

Managing in-house allows for considerable cost savings. Aside from avoiding agency fees, the advertiser will also want to be conservative with their budgets. However, the advertiser may miss out because when working with an agency, the burden of the accuracy of details falls on the media planners and ad-operations team.

If managing in house, the advertiser would have to be responsible for expenses if the advertising team makes a costly mistake. Details such as creative flighting, budget planning, audience targeting, and landing page URLs keep the agency’s operations teams up at night. If managing in-house, the advertiser will have to allocate resources to fulfill these roles and responsibilities while grooming the type of talent that agencies attract.

AMI tailors its practice to support the verification process for either route the advertiser decides.

– Brittany Elliott, SVP Digital Investment at ami+partners