Super Bowl ads are alive and well. While the composition of advertisers may look a bit different in 2021, the demand to run TV ads in the biggest sporting event of the year has not diminished. It was widely speculated that the 2021 Super Bowl might suffer from lessened demand for ad space. Many of the traditional categories and advertisers are sitting this year’s game out due to changes in their industries and marketing approaches. But the allure of running a commercial in the Super Bowl remains, with new advertisers quickly moving to fill the vacated space.

Running an ad in the Super Bowl is still a very big deal. The $5-6 million price tag for a single: 30-second spot makes it a huge commitment. Typically a Super Bowl spot kicks off a branding campaign that spans multiple media channels. It’s an investment that deserves protection and accountability. With audience viewership habits continuing to evolve, it’s more important than ever to closely monitor campaigns across all channels to ensure media vendors deliver what they agree to and are held accountable for what they don’t.