3rd Party Independent Measurement,

State-of-the-Art Analytics, Actionable Results.

Media Auditing Done Right

As the largest independently owned and operated media auditing firm in the US, ami+p and its partners deliver you unrivaled contemporary marketplace intelligence, ascertainable recommendations, substantive savings, and continuous improvements to protect and enhance your media investments in both the US domestic and international markets.


Independent Results Verification​

3rd party US style auditing

Collaborative Process​

Joint effort with your agency to improve media buying efficiency, recovery of lost media value


Backing our client’s interests in best practices, and transparency

Continuous Improvement​

Using audit results to achieve consistent incremental improvement and savings

Our media audits are only the beginning of our contribution, not the end.  We track with our clients beyond the SOW to ensure they recover lost media assets and to identify ways to improve in cost, quality and effectiveness of our clients’ future media investments. 

“AMI has been an essential partner for us as an independent party evaluating our media investment & delivery. It’s great to have AMI as a trusted voice in our corner, conducting a comprehensive analysis of our buy quality.”

- Greg Hamilton – VP, Media, Insights & Content Strategy | Little Caesars


We are the most time-honored and established media auditing and stewardship company owned and operated in the US.

We work only for advertisers, both domestic and international.

Providing the tools, analytics,  insights and recommendations that address advertisers’ most pressing concerns

  1. Did I get what I paid for?

  2. Did I only pay for what I got?

  3. If not, what do I do about it?

  4. Did I pay a fair price?

  5. Can I do better?


Media Performance

Through independent verification, our audits identify important levels of quantitative and qualitative gaps in performance that, with timely corrective action, can be successfully resolved.

Media Financial

Agency payment practices, tracking of credits and AVBs, media vendor invoicing, agency staffing and compensation agreements, funds float and issues relating to agency “common ownership”.

Media Pricing

Largest possible database with the most comprehensive platform for cost comparisons. Fully transparent to assure buyers that comparisons are fair and balanced.

Contract Compliance

Develop concise KPIs and language in agency contracts. Including the design of PRIPs and other compensation elements. Track agency compliance with the contract and recommend appropriate action to correct compliance issues.

Agency Review

Proprietary interview-based, 50 point process. Creation of handbook for agency-management, internal audit protocols, media performance, continuous improvement, measurement, and contract compliance.

“My agency now has a very successful track record in converting delivery shortfalls and guideline deviations into realized savings, and we attribute that success to ami+partners oversight.”

- Steven Venturi – Marketing Finance | Macy’s

ami.os: The Ultimate Media Auditing Technology


Effective media auditing requires enormous computer capacity, sophistication and flexibility. Our proprietary cloud-based operating system ‘AMI.os©’, is unrivaled in its ability to process the most complex and exhaustive media performance audits.

‘AMI.os©’ is a highly accurate, objective, ‘3rd party verification’ operating system ensuring our advertiser clients ‘Got what they paid for, and only paid for what they got’.


The only firm whose senior management has actually been the advertiser. As senior media executives at P&G and Coors Brewing, we appreciate the sense of urgency and value for media spend that only comes from having been the advertiser.

“AMI has been a great partner for us. Their analytics and insights provide a tremendous check-and-balance to ensure we get as much ‘bang’ for our media buck as possible.”

- Ken Weisberg – Media Director | Tracfone Wireless, Inc.



With invaluable knowledge, experience and local industry affiliates, we ensure ‘boots on the ground’ coverage throughout the world. Multi-country client assignments are managed centrally by our executive team, thereby ensuring consistent and transparent audit applications and reporting across the world.


Please contact us to discuss in confidence any questions or media auditing issues you might have.


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