MRC (Media Ratings Counsel) trying to establish “agency media-plan auditing guidelines”?

“Auditing guidelines” established by The MRC and several sell-side trade associations, led by the TVB sounds alot like “students grading their own papers”.

It is ami+partners position that the MRC is outside of their wheelhouse and mission as an organization to initiate such a project.  None the less, ami+partners plans to actively participate and offer comments/counsel from an auditing/advertiser perspective.  As world leaders in media auditing, we feel it is crucial that you, the advertiser have a voice in how such guidelines are established and used.  Therefore, we invite and welcome any thoughts or suggestions you might have on the points below.

MRC/Industry Project to Establish Agency Media-Plan Auditing Guidelines
According to the MRC, the goals of this project include:

  1. promoting the responsible use of measurement data by auditors (recognition that measurements are estimates, not population values, and recognition of the growing nature of variability, modeling and attribution/ascription in measurement processes), and
  2. Seeking enhanced transparency and communication in on-boarding audits and in audit conduct between the auditors and agencies under audit, the media sellers and advertiser clients.