Having a definitive, granular assessment of an advertiser’s media assets prior to the reduction/cessation of advertising will be critical in restoring order to each company’s media plans and execution strategies and tactics.

The Corona Virus has created untold harm to both the world’s populations and commercial institutions.  While it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, this incredible disruption will abate and lives and markets will return, though perhaps not in the same way.

Returning goods and services to the world’s marketplaces will be an essential part in creating the “new normal”.  Those advertisers who are best prepared will flourish while those least prepared will likely not return to their earlier glory.

Moreover, we should expect that a stampede of advertisers will further complicate an already unsettled advertising and promotion marketplace.

As if this wasn’t enough, marketers, their corporate support groups and outside agencies have been seriously downsized by furloughs, layoffs and outright firings.  Re-staffing and training will take time that will delay companies from effectively returning to market.

A media audit/stewardship organization, such as AMI+Partners, can provide the expertise, processes and systems to help advertisers successfully “turn on” their media efforts with the urgency and value for money standards demanded by the most sophisticated US domestic and global marketers.