Facebook is down. What should we do tomorrow?

As agencies scramble to make up for the fact that a large piece of their advertising budget is not live, the obvious course of action may be to increase their spend levels tomorrow.

AMI forewarns to hold off on the budget increases because many advertisers would likely do the same, which will undoubtedly cause diminishing returns on your efficiencies. Through our audits, AMI reviews the agency and publisher’s daily spend, CPM, and CPA and determines how much spending has increased or decreased throughout the flight based on a moving average curve and its effect on the campaign performance.

AMI finds that when spend is spiked in a short period, CPMs and other KPIs suffer, especially if the market is doing the same – in some cases up to 2X in a day. So, what should you do tomorrow?

AMI suggests pacing your budget across the remainder of your flight evenly.