Poor Ad Quality On OTT Platforms Continues to Annoy Consumers

Getting sick of seeing the same commercial multiple times in a pod? You’re not alone, according to Conviva’s recent report, ‘Nearly 60% of consumers say there are too many repeating messages in the same break of an episode on OTT platforms.’

Advertisers know that not every impression is weighted the same, yet, media buyers at all agencies continue to allow this behavior by the OTT providers. When stations under deliver, increasing impressions against the CTV/OTT buy seems like the wise choice.

However, ami+partners routinely find that these impressions aren’t comparable, less valuable, and in some cases, unworthy of the investment. We work with our clients to set their CTV/OTT buys up for success from the start by implementing recency/frequency goals, correct technology, vetting the partners, and implementing an audit to validate the OTT platform results.

To learn more, take a look at the survey done by Convica at Mediapost.com, https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/364207/survey-poor-ad-quality-on-streamers-is-missed-30.html.