How Nielsen’s OOH Undercounting Might Affect Your Media Buys

As you may have read, Nielsen has recently re-issued their TV delivery data dating back to September 2020. This re-issue was done to account for Out-Of-Home TV viewing that was determined to be previously under-counted. This could affect your prior buy/deal delivery depending on how the networks choose to proceed.

It’s our view that networks do not typically leave impressions and dollars on the table, and particularly those with the most to gain (sports programming, events, younger demographics) are more likely to revisit their delivery reporting for these prior periods.

How this ultimately affects your agency posts and deal deliveries is currently still an unknown. Your agency team will be central to this process, as they are on the frontlines with the networks. As networks decide to act (or not act) on the data re-issue, it’s essential that the agencies promptly communicate this knowledge with you and your media team.

‘We are recommending that all advertisers connect with their agency teams and have them provide their perspectives.’ AMI remains committed to bringing our clients the most accurate and current delivery data, and we are ready to act accordingly.

If you have questions or would like to discuss how this might affect your media buys, please contact us directly.