CTV Ads Running Even While TV’s Are OFF

As the trend continues for advertisers to move TV budgets to digital, it’s all the more important that the top priority be authenticated value.

There have already been instances where digital vendors have acknowledged shortcomings in their audience reporting and now another has been identified.

DoubleVerify, the digital advertising monitoring service, recently reported that one in four major CTV platforms assigns impressions even when the TV screen isn’t on. Clearly, this is troubling, if not bordering on the fraudulent. Not surprising, DoubleVerify has created a “Fully On Screen” measurement tool to address this serious shortcoming. Finding media partners who can implement the company’s “Fully-On Screen” measurement and who have pre-bid capabilities are the first few steps advertisers and their agencies can take to reset expectations and ad pricing.

Regrettably, this will not be the last digital placements “surprise”, making it all the more essential that the media planning, buying and auditing community remain alert and question the representations put forward by media sellers. Trust but verify remains the critical element to ensuring full and verifiable value.